android tutorial for beginners

Android Tutorial for Beginners

Hi friends! Welcome to Android Tutorial for Beginners dot com. This is the place for the person who is eager to learn about Android. can help beginners to learn android from the scratch; hence this Android tutorials for beginners. It’s not only for beginners but also for people in advanced level. Also we are trying to improve it in many ways. A part of that is recently we have added the Android interview Questions and Answers.

If you are a learner who would like to learn Android from its beginning, there is no doubt that this site guides you since this consist of lessons about android from What is Android? to How to deploy an Android package?. But still if you have any doubts regarding the Android you can write to us. We will try our level best to see the answers for your doubts. Our wishes for your try!

What is Android?

Android is an operating system which is based on Linux with Java Programming Interface.

The Android Software Development kit provides the following necessary tools for the developing the Android Applications.

  • A Compiler
  • Debugger
  • A device emulator
  • It’s own virtual  Machine to run Android Programs

Android is primarily developed by Google It Allows:

  • Background Processing
  • Provides a rich user Interface library
  • Supports 2-D and 3-D Graphics using the Open GL Libraries
  • Access to the file system
  • An embedded SQLite database

Android Application can re-use components of other applications using its different components.

Google Play (Android Market)

Google Play service is offered by Google in which programmers can offer their Android application to Android users. Google play application which is included in Google phones allows installing application. Google play also offers an update service. Google play is used to be called as Android Market.

Security and Permissions:

On an Android device, the Android system will create a unique user and group ID for every application during the development each application file cannot be accessed by anyone else except the generated user. Each application will be started is its own process. Every Android application is isolated from other running application by means of the underlying Linux Operating System. If the data is to be shared it is done is a service or Content provider.

Android also contains Permission systems. It predefines every application but can define additional permissions. An android application declares permission in its AndroidManifest.xml configuration file Permission has different levels. Some are automatically granted or rejected by the system permission will be presented before installing the application. If user denies permission application can never installed. The check of permission is done through installation permissions can neither be denied nor be granted after the installation.

All the users do not pay any attention to the permissions only few of them do and even give negative reviews on Google Play.